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Simple Water System Installations in San Antonio, Texas  

Pure, healthy water is just a simple step away with water system installations from Clear Blue Solutions, LLC in San Antonio, Texas. The typical installation only lasts between an hour and a half and five hours, and all installations begin with a visit from one of our water professionals who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Standard Install

Our standard installation is $750 with no money down and no payments due for several months. Best of all, these payments can be as low as $89 to $119 a month, depending on the promotion. To take advantage of this financing, customers must have decent credit.


All installations require a water line and an accessible electrical outlet. Your home's water lines will be located by our professionals who will need to dig to access the line.

Water Bottle - Water System Installations


The durable, stainless steel units we install are all made in the USA and stand approximately 10" tall, 4' wide. When a top brain is affixed, they are another 6" taller.

Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, and let us begin your water system installation.